About Us

We promote transparency, accountability and reduced investment risk in early stage ICO projects through expert curation and evaluation and a smart escrow fundraising platform and a crowd-driven venture capital fund. 

Core Team


Viktoriya Petrova

Viktoriya Petrova

Viktoriya is an entrepreneur, educator and an experienced marketing professional with strong analytical and strategic skills. Her passion for bringing the best out of people’s potential and helping them bring their ideas to life perfectly coincided with the rise of ICOs and the promising future of blockchain. She has a complex understanding of the current ICO market needs and focus on creating an exceptional product that is fully customer centered and creates multiple layers of value.

Pavel Panayotov

Pavel Panayotov

Pav is a visionary with deep understanding and unique perspective on economic, financial and business systems. He is a charismatic leader with exceptional networking and negotiations skills. His passion for alternative currencies, decentralized governance, and fair socio-economic inclusion of the unprivileged led him to his current pursuit of creating a thriving environment for impact projects utilizing blockchain.

Kyle Headley

Kyle Headley

Kyle is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working with successful ICO projects. Skilled in Customer Service Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Technology Transformation, and IT Service Management. Strong experience working within Global Technology environments and leading business enhancing IT evolution. Blockchain enthusiast, ICO Advisor, Investor and Spokesperson.

What you can do:


For ICO Investors:

ICO Grill is the place to get ALL important information and updates about carefully curated ICOs. We do not offer investment advice of any sort but we do help you to do your diligence when making such important decisions.  ICO Grill is the place where you can ask the founders questions directly through each project discussion board. You can watch our video Q&A tackling the essentials of each project. Each project is carefully pre-selected before listing on the platform and it is then further reviewed and analysed by our platform experts. In the near future you will benefit from the full platform functionality to further reduce and even eliminate your investment risk – tiered escrow mechanism and hedging period. 


For ICO Advisors:

ICO Grill is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise, find new projects to work with and build reputation as an ICO Grill Advisor. Advisors joining ICO Grill need to have previous track record of working with least 3 ICOs (current or in the past). The more experience you have the higher your initial reputation score on ICO Grill. 

If you would like to inquire about joining as an ICO Grill Advisor, please send us a note in LinkedIn – Viktoriya or Pavel


For Enthusiasts:

If you are absolutely excited about the brave new world of blockchain, crypto and ICO startups you are more than welcome to join the ICO Grill growing family! You will find here some of the greatest projects entering the crypto scene, a lot of learning resources and a great crowd to hang out with!


Send your inquiry to find out about available jobs at ICO Grill to Viktoriya or Pavel


For Founders

Is your project revolutionary? We want to hear from you. ICO Grill is the place to connect with investors, advisors and community supporters. This is not just another review website or listing. Being on ICO Grill means that you dedicate your project and team to transparency, accountability and trust-building with the community. After our initial Q&A interview with someone from the founding team, you will be assigned a Grill Project Manager who will work directly with you and your community manager to regularly update the ICO Grill community on the developments, if you are up to speed with your timeline, have you delivered to your promises etc.  You will receive am independent professional review from our advisors and analysts.

To get in the Grill contact the founders in LinkedIn – Viktoriya and Pavel.

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